What the...

What the...

Feb 15, 2014

Carving as a part time job

The other day I decided to get very serious about trying to make my art earn its keep around here and maybe pay some bills.

First I made a schedule and a chart for dates, projects, and outlined a day once a week for posting new material on my online sites.  Then, I followed that schedule and added more hours to it as I did so.

So far it has been an inspiring and a busy time!  This week at my day job I worked 35 hours.  If I add up my hours so far for trying to make art a part time job, it adds up to six.  For this week those six hours include carving, braiding hemp for the necklaces, taking photos of the items for sale, and marketing them on squareup and deviantart.

I hope to streamline every process from carving to selling so that 6+ hours a week means I have at least one more finished product for sale.

The items I finished this week were already in the process of being complete.  These three I braided and wrapped with hemp:


I use snood lashing, and knotted ridge lashing plus a simple braid in most of my hemp jewelry.