What the...

What the...

Oct 19, 2013

Ideas that quickly fade

I had so many ideas almost a year ago.

Gangnam dancing fox with some chicks:
Old Idea to Die

To bring an old drawing back to fruition with reviewed anatomy:
Old Idea to Die

A smiling werewolf lady:
Old Idea to Die

These old sketches were done on a very rough blended paper labeled specifically for sketching.  They were not my best work.  Soon after I switched to a smoother sketch paper and instantly noticed an improvement in my drawings.  The rough paper, I feel, was holding me back.

A long time ago my highschool art teacher commented on a talented classmate's artwork and was shocked to know that it was all done in Crayola Crayons.  She raved on how great artists used whatever tools they had at hand.  But in my experience just over a year ago, sometimes it pays to reconsider the tools we use.  Sometimes we don't know how they are limiting us.  I certainly had no idea how the rough paper, when I prefer smooth, was holding me back.

These were some of the last things  from the rough sketch paper that I transferred to Bristol Board and inked:
Old Art Inked

Stay tuned here for new inked art from the newer sketch pad.

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