What the...

What the...

Oct 14, 2013

My Little Dalek

I am currently poking my big toe into waters unknown.  I hope I go far with the current idea, but I never really know how much my sticktoitness will stick when I get a wild hair to do something I've never done before.

What I am saying is, I have an idea for a series of drawings here.  I was lucky that the first came together so very nicely.  I hope the other drawings in the series go just as smoothly. 

I want to draw My Little Ponies for Doctor Who in a way that has yet to be done by most.  Staying true as I can to both fandoms in design, in my style. 

So, let us start with a basic pony.  The Pony style is so very basic and simple... until you try to draw it yourself.  Then you realize the tiny nuances that make the pony forms so cute and pleasing.  I am such a detailed artist that the simple pony body was a challenge for me.  This form was altered several times until I thought it aesthetically pleasing:

My Little Dalek 1
I started on the dalek-like hooves already.

Then, let us add things to the form that make it Dalek:

My Little Dalek 2

I think it is nearly ready to be transferred to my favorite inking paper, cleaned up, and then inked.  First though, I think I'll attempt the other ponies I want to target in the series so I know if this will be my first series since college art classes... or just another one time drawing.  Stay tuned.

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